Monday, July 30, 2012

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday! The weekend passed by so fast. Luigi was sick startingThursday and was brought to the ER for a check-up last the following day because he was having bouts of fever that we could not explain. I had to go the office that day and had to leave it up to my husband to take care of him. So blessed that my husband is on night shift, thus, is able to attend to the kids during day time. Thanks be to God, our little boy is okay already. He seemed to have had Gastroentiritis and that's the reason for the fever and vomiting. He still is a bit grumpy now but his temperature is already stable. Thank you to all who prayed for his recovery. 

With Luigi being sick, we decided to stay at home for most of the weekend. On Saturday, the whole family just watched the London Olympics Opening ceremony (enjoyed looking for the flags in our world atlas while each country is called during the parade). After that, my hubby and I just went to the grocery, had a quick treatment at the dermatologist and had a refreshing foot spa at the salon. On Sunday, it was raining hard so we decided to go to Mass in our village instead of the other church which is next to McDonald's hahaha (Sunday is always McDonald's Day for the kids). We haven't gone to mass in our chapel for quite a while and was happy to see that the walls are freshly painted and the altar area had new marble floors installed. After mass, we then went to the market to buy fresh meat, fish and veggies good for the whole week. Then we had a hearty lunch of chopseuy and left-over lechong manok. Yummy! In the afternoon, I tutored Zoe for her long tests in Filipino and Religion. Then that's about it.

Now, it's back to work for me. There is no school so this means there is more play time for the two kids. How I wish I was a student again so that every time there is a storm, there are no classes!!!


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