Friday, September 30, 2011

Zoe and Family

I received a priceless gift from my daughter this week.

She came home the other day with a "card" for Mommy. She said, "Mom, this is our family. This is me, Luixx, you, and Dad." Awww, it was so cute.

At the back of the card is something that made me think.

If you can't decipher, the card goes:

Dear Mommy
I love you Ate Cat
I love you Mom
I love you Dad
I love you Lxxxx
From: ZxxxVxxxxx

I noticed suddenly that it was a "Dear Mom letter" but then the first line in the body of the message says "I love you Ate Cat." Hahaha! Whether t'was intentional that she wrote her Ate Cat's name before me doesn't really matter since I am no longer a sour-graping Mommy like I used to be. The fact that she is very thoughtful and caring to all of us in the house makes me happy, regardless on who takes, like in a movie title, the top billing. :-)

The card did teach me something more -
Our family is very important. God willed that each human person enter the world into a family. When we teach our children how to love, that same kind of love is something they carry within themselves and poured out to the other people around them. 

As St. Josemaria says in "Christ Is Passing By" -
...theirs is a home full of light and cheerfulness. The unity between the parents is transmitted to their children, to the whole family, and to everyone who is involved in their life. In this way, every truly christian family reproduces in some way the mystery of the Church, chosen by God and sent to be the guide of the world.


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