Sunday, September 25, 2011

Taxes Time Again

Over dinner, my husband and I were having a discussion about how our individual careers are going. I mentioned to him that in my office, there was already an announcement to all employees to get their tax documents ready for the annual filing that is due around March or April next year. Being a new hire in my office, it was said in the memo that it would be my sole responsibility to submit all necessary documents from my previous company and all other tax status changes that I might have incurred in the past months. We are already at Q4 of the calendar year and it’s about time to get some papers ready for tax submission. Thus, I suggested to him that we prepare for that early on because in my job as Payroll Manager before, I have seen countless employees doing their taxes late. As such they were all dazed and in a hurry to touch base with their accountants to prepare their respective tax annualization reports.

I also shared with my husband about this website that can help people with their tax preparations and assist them in filing for a tax return extension if in case it is needed. Also, they can help in getting your due tax refund at the earliest span of time. All you need is to fill out a form online and leave it all to them. Now tax preparation is no longer a hassle. You can concentrate on doing your work well and performing beyond the expectation of your company and clients.


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