Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thai Festival at Mandarin Paseo Uno

I love Mandarin Hotel's Paseo Uno lunch buffet...

...but I never expected to ever experience eating there three times in one week!

Yes, that happened to me on my last week at MBTC. First, I was there will some bosses from one division. Then my hubby and I went there for lunch to celebrate his birthday. Then on my last day, my immediate boss brought me there for a one-on-one lunch.

The result? A super yummy experience with around 4-5 pounds around my waist. LOL!

Anyway, sharing some pics of my Thai festival experience which coincided with my last week in MBTC.

A showcase of Thai desserts:

My Thai main course plate:

What would a lunch buffet at Mandarin be without there fresh salmon & tuna and their maki?

My dessert plate (didn't get the Thai dessert for that day):



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