Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Luigi's 1st Day Out

For the very first time, we brought our little boy with us to the mall.

At almost 5 months, we decided it's time for him to "see the world". Actually, this already seems long over due. Given that Luigi was born a few weeks before the typhoon Ondoy occured and right before our car was severely damaged by it, we never really had the chance to go around the mall with him coz we didn't have a properly-working car. Before this day, he has only been out of the house for his routine check-up at the pedia's clinic and to go to Sunday mass with us (but that's only a few steps away from our home). But now, thanks to Lolo who temporarily lent us his other car, Dad said that little boy could already tag along now as we run some errands at the nearby mall. :-)

Anyway, here are some pics to remember "the" day.

I noticed that he likes looking around and staring at people. What could really be on his mind kaya?

Here is sleepy Luigi with his doting sister:

I'm sure we will be enjoying more fun times together at the mall when you're a little bigger honey.


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