Friday, August 7, 2009

Mommy Moments - Part of the Family

mommy moments

I'm joining Mommy Moments again this week!

The feature for this week are pictures with favorite aunts, uncles, cousins or godparents.

Here is Zoe with my sister:

Then here is a baby Zoe being held by my sister-in-law during our very first visit in Bulacan...

With my cousins (Zoe's titas) in our house before a family reunion in Tagaytay:

With Zoe's titas and first cousins (no first cousins on my side of the family) during her Ate Beni's wedding last May...

Thanks Chris!


darly said...

Hi, great pictures you got here.

God bless and Hapi Mommy Moments.

Chris said...

welcome back to mommy moments Vina! :D

great shots... i love the 2nd to the last pic... :D

nuts said...

Great pictures of a family.
Happy Mommy Moments Day!

Willa's MommyMoments said...

what a loving family you have!

JonaBQ said...

weddings really are one of occasions when families bond.

mine's here

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