Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Juggling Roles

I was a bit late in going to the office today because the helper asked me if I could give my daughter a quick bath before I leave for work. She told me that Zoe has been vomiting without reason for the past days and that she may have gotten my pregnancy bug (that is, she's experiencing the morning sickness instead of me). By giving her a bath, that pregnancy bug might disappear. Although I thought that this is mere superstition, I gladly complied because I realized that even before I take in my role as a career woman, I have to stay loyal and true first to my original role as wife and mother.

Anybody who says that it's easy to juggle the many roles that a modern woman has must belong to another century. With women given more opportunities in the workplace in the past years, whether due to acquired skills, competency or high educational attainment, their time is more and more divided into compartments. But this does not mean that the more important roles of being a wife and a mother disappear when she goes to the office. She continues to be so. In fact, her competence in the workplace should also be in the same level as her competence in her roles at home. There is no excuse for a successful woman to be a lousy mother or wife. She has to maintain that high level of service, skill and love in everything she does.

What are the things a woman can do to manage her roles well? First, she can employ the help of effective tools such as planners, telecommunication gadgets like the cellular phone or something more sophisticated such as an IT computer tool or something. Just as marketing professionals make use of various software such as the Data Scraping Software to drive profits into the company, a woman must be wise in using tools that could make her life much easier. Even keeping a small notebook in her bag can make a huge difference if she can maximize its use in doing her day-to-day jobs. All she has to have is constant order in her thoughts and in material things. All the rest is up to her, the love that she has and grace from God.

Happy Women's Month!


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