Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why I Don't Like Riding the MRT

I used to like riding the MRT trains before. But now, I don't. Why? Because it has failed me too many times already.

Sometimes, you can get stuck in the station for more than 30 minutes because the trains are just SOOOO FULL.

Sometimes, the trains break down in the middle of the rush hour and no trains pass for like 25-30 minute intervals.

Other times, you hear of sad incidents of people losing their cellphones and wallets inside the train. Just today, the man speaking the background was warning the pick-pockets inside the station - "Humanda kayo sa sa akin. Pagka-nahuli namin kayo, hindi lang kayo bugbog-sarado, ihuhulog din namin kayo sa tracks. Pasensyahan lang tayo." How scary is that!??

Many times, you get pushed, pulled and dragged inside and going in and out of the train.

And although, they have already implemented a section for the elderly, children and female, it doesn't mean that the people who ride it are more courteous than the rest of the other non-segmented passengers. For a pregnant lady like me, I feel that you can't like just announce to the people to be extra careful around you because you're pregnant. I don't think anybody would even care.


Ai Dihayco said...

I used to like riding MRT too but when siksikan time na at minsan bastos pa ang sumisiksik sayo with matching hawak sa pwet mo na insulto ako...I don't like it na. My used to be bf now my hubby, we love to ride MRT in manila but sobrang kahit kita nila matanda o kaya may nanay with baby yung iba ayaw mag share sa upuan nila ano?

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