Monday, February 16, 2009

Preggy Updates

Some updates on the pregnancy (at 10weeks):

1. I gained less than 2 pounds this month.
2. I'm just having minimal dizzy spells (thank God) but now have colds (oh no!).
3. Cravings so far: buco ice cream, laing, indian mangoes, pork bbq, and the latest --- sinigang!!!
4. I'm still wearing regular clothes but had taken out some of my maternity clothes already for future use.
5. My lower back aches every end of the day.
6. I'm having the worse pimple outbreak!
7. I have to try to be more jolly at home (F. makes me so mad sometimes...errr...all the time).
8. I'm making my baby names' list as early as now (scratched out a few names already).

More updates next time!


Ai Dihayco said...

I never have acne outbreaks with my pregnancy sis but let me give u some tips..hehheh! try aspirin mask. that aspirin tablet not coated one but na madissolve sa water. Pagnatunaw na sa water (just few drops) put a little honey and massage in your face. It works for me! once a week ko lang ginagawa ito but it helps really when it comes to acne problem. exactly, part of pregnancy yan..just drink more water.

Anonymous said...

blame the hormones for the increase of acne :) your baby would probably look like F :) just be careful though and if you can, don't go out on crowded areas to avoid catching any disease or illness. :)

have a happy and safe pregnancy!

elapot said...

hay naku, when i was pregnant, para akong pimple na tinubuan ng mukha, ahahahaah

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