Thursday, April 4, 2013

Learning to Play an Instrument

My daughter has been prodding us that she wants to take piano lessons in school next year when she enrolls in Grade 2. I am pleased. It's because I also had my piano lessons when I was about the same age as her. Playing the piano, or any instrument for that matter is a huge achievement, if you ask me. It takes a lot of interest and perseverance in order to really learn how to play. I still remember that I had to practice quite a lot especially during weekends so that I learn my piano pieces before the next lesson with the teacher. I had my lessons for about 2 years and then stopped. Hahaha! My sister, on the other hand, continued to polish her piano skills to the point that she made it her profession. Anyway, later on, when I was about fifteen, I had my eyes on a  nice guitar brand and I did learn to play the guitar.

Anyway, I wish Zoe will take after my sister instead of me. I really want her to learn. We'll see, we'll see!


Shannon Dorsey said...

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