Saturday, August 25, 2012

Shopping this Weekend?

Ooohh! There are so many sale events going around town this weekend and the next that I’m actually locking up my wallet to avoid any unnecessary purchases. There is an SM 3-day sale and a Body Shop Go-Green Sale. So tempting too are the DC Shoes End of Season Sale and Planet Sports Sale. Whaa!!! There is no other solution but to control!

My wallet is already “aching” with payday being so many days away still. I really need some honest-to-goodness credit card advice so I can manage all my existing debts. For that, I need to know more about about credit cards and be able to look for creative ways to bring my credit down.

Indeed, money does not grow in trees. Money, as far as many are concerned, would have to come from a lot of hard work and a bit (and maybe a lot too) of knowledge and common sense. I think they go hand in hand since what is hard work when you just lose it to a bad investment or unnecessary purchases? Yep, I could say this because I’ve been a victim of all of these in the past. That is why I highly recommend that for hard workers (like me!) to try to look up those financial advice websites so you can get a good return for the money you earn.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trip to Nuvali

Our family spent some time together at Nuvali which is en route to Tagaytay. :-) It was my sister's last day in Manila before heading back to Iloilo so it was a great chance for us to bond a little. :-)

Sharing some pictures. 

Friday, August 17, 2012


I wanna be a millionaire, so freakin’ bad. La-la-la-la-la! This song by Bruno Mars is going round and round my head, especially during those days that decent living seems to be getting too expensive.

With the recent rains and flood coming our way in Manila and bills piling up, it’s been especially hard for many families like my own to even think of saving or investing when much of the money that is coming in, is going out. LOL. But I do want to feel a bit of hope. And mind you, the answer might not be getting a new and higher paying job. I read some timsykes reviews today and felt a bit better. We have other ways of making it good and it’s not always about getting a new job or selling your house to move to a smaller place just to save. As the saying goes – “Never say die”. J Try and try until you succeed. That’s essentially what I read about tim sykes. We need to be wise in our spending and investments.

So, if life is tough these days, then we just have to smile. Life is good. To be alive is great. We live for God. He gave us a purpose for being here. Right?
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