Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Rediscovering Q.C. Circle

Last October 30, on our 6th wedding anniversary, we decided to bring the kids somewhere we've never been to. So we braved the glaring heat of the weekend sun and drove ourselves to Quezon City Circle to check out the playground and other facilities there.

First, we were greeted by a long range of tiangge stores.

Some stalls were selling fancy home stuff which of course caught my attention:

Look at those LV kitten mittens! Cute!

Then we proceed to check out the food stalls - and subsequently had BBQ and pancit for lunch from one of the stores there. At less than 500 bucks, we were uber full plus the kids loved the experience! Sorry, no pictures.

Then we went to the Circle of Joy - which brought the kids joy indeed.

There was also a new Zipline.

Mom and Luigi share a cone of dirty ice cream.

Pictures below tell me why it's called dirty ice cream. Haha!

...but we ate it all anyway!

And balloons! Who wouldn't want balloons?

There were also carts for kids.

Boat rides for the whole family!

And slides! Lots and lots of slides!

A trip there is so worthwhile. Just make sure you bring an extra set of clothes for the kids and yourself because it could be a very sweaty and tiring exploration. :-)


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