Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I was scouring through my uberly-neglected personal inbox today (which will take hours to finish off actually) and found something so new-yearish. A portion of an email quotes this nice line from a film: "Do, or do not. There is no try". That's from Yoda of Star Wars. Nice, isn't it?

This really hit the nail in the head because so many times this year, I found myself always saying myself, to another person, and even to God: "I'll try, okay?". I realize now I'll try seems to mean that...

1. I don't like to.
2. I'm too busy.
3. I'm not sure (of myself or of what I really want).
4. I don't care.
5. I don't love you (refering to God, others or even myself).

What's worse is this "I'll try" response comes from me not having a hold of my own priorities or as if I couldn't do anything (and it's not my own fault). I know that God should always be number one. But it's just so hard so I say "I'll try". Sometimes, I know I have to give myself to my family and my kids and I end up not doing so I say "I'll try" next time but it happens over and over again. Even with my own self, I say "I'll exercise today or I'll eat healthy today". But then when I wake up stressed and worried (not good signs), so I say "I'll try" again.

Good thing that God brings forth a new year to remind us that we can still change. He gives us the ample grace to be able to go above our weaknesses and start anew with new hope, new strength. "I'll try" is not all that bad. But actually doing it so much better and will please Him more.

This 2011, I might not be able to do all my new year's resolutions like becoming slim again which by the way, may only be resolved by a california plastic surgeon. There may only be hope for that with ethnic plastic surgery with the help of Lloyd Krieger, MD. But who knows, right?

Anyway, for the rest of the things which I've had misgivings, here's wishing that I'll be able to do better. I hope to be able do right again, put God on top of all things because that is how it should always be, and everything else will fall into place.


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