Thursday, October 14, 2010

Was on a 3-Day Diet

I was on a 3-day diet....and failed. Well, it's not like I cheated on the diet or something (nah! I was actually religious in following it). But I think I failed miserably because even with all the healthy tea that I drank, however delicious it was, I still felt so dizzy, cranky and sick the whole time. This was enough indication that this diet was not for me. Worse, on the day after the 3-day diet, I was still sick and nauseous. I threw up twice while trying to eat a regular breakfast and my head was just aching like crazy. Blame it too on the two nights where I stayed till past midnight in the office, trying to beat my deadlines and all.

Anyway, I'm officially off the diet since my husband just had to protest, seeing my condition over the weekend. I'm ready to just exercise and eat healthier. I'm planning on maximizing our Wii to get back in shape. Actually, we're trying to set-up our family room from a "couch potato room" into a fitness room.

Really, I think that you don't have to deprive yourself of yummy stuff such as Christmas candy and Christmas crackers this coming holiday season in order to be fit. The key is always in constant exercise and doing everything in moderation.


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