Monday, March 22, 2010

Managing Cravings

I was browsing through my pictures today and couldn’t find a decent one that would hide my bulging tummy that would already require a tummy tuck in Beverly Hills for it to look better. I admit that I had been much of an emotional eater these days that it had really put in the extra pounds on me.

Take the case last night. I was really craving for pizza and pasta (even it had to be just in the local fast-food place in the mall). I just couldn’t get it out of my head. So my husband and I went to the mall. When we got there, I tried out some clothes in the department store but nothing really seems to fit well even if I would undergo a california cosmetic surgery. (I was disappointed, I admit.) Anyway, after window-shopping, we then decided to head to the fast-food chain where they served pizza and pasta but then got side-tracked since we needed to withdraw some cash first in order to pay for the food. So we went to the nearest ATM at the basement to get cash. Without thinking, our feet then led us directly to the supermarket. Anyway, by the time we finished buying some grocery items, we both realized that we need to head back first to the car to leave the stuff and only then can be freely have dinner (i.e. with no heavy bags in tow). But since we are already heading back to the car, I insisted that we might as well hop in too and head for home. That means no more pizza and pasta for me but just home-cooked food for dinner. I know that I had to be more practical and temperate with my cravings (and I really need to face my cravings head on!).

So we ate dinner at home and just tried to relax, sit and watch TV (there was something about beverly hills rhinoplasty on air that night). I just told myself that wasn’t the end of the world. It was hard but, of course, I did survive last night...

...but tomorrow is another day. Hay.


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