Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good News, Bad News

I just spent a whole day of testing at the hospital yesterday to determine my baby's biophysical score and non-stress test results.

It was so good to know that the baby is at its best health (very active and growing according to term) and that it's 100% confirmed to be a baby boy!

What's not so "pleasant" to learn is that I currently have a low-lying placenta that is almost indicative that I might be bound for a repeat CS instead of a VBAC. Although this is all fine with me, my OB suggested that we schedule the CS as early as my 37 or 38th week. This means I might be giving birth in August and not September (hwaaat?!). This is more apt daw to avoid having me running to the hospital for an emergency CS when I start to labor (which nobody could really predict when will happen). Having to wait for labor to set in daw is like risking having uncontrolled bleeding which can be a result of my low placenta position. She told us further that since I am already at my third trimester, it may already be unlikely for my placenta to be pushed up (the placenta needs to be at least 5 cm away from the cervix to be cleared for vaginal delivery).

Oh. Oh. Oh. I told the doc that I still preferred to give birth close to my due date. And so we settled for Sept. 5 barring any unforeseen labor occurence.

Now I have to quicken my pace in the office and in turning over my work to my officemates so I could give birth earlier just in case.


Tinggay said...

hi vina, naku i had the same situation before. buti na lang my placenta moved up. pero CS pa rin ako because of my pelvic bone size and structure. wishing you a safe delivery!

Vina P said...

hi nikki! thanks! i'm still praying that my placenta would move up kahit it's a bit late na kasi i want to extend the term of the baby as close as possible to it's due date eh. huy, lapit na mag-1 yung baby mo right?

Ai Dihayco said...

Hi Vina, the woman in my site beside me wearing white shirt is Atty. Lei Malilong. She's from UP too. so i think shes your classmate. She finished Economics in UP. Shes from CEbu too now we're both residing here coz we're both married to a POLISH. ill ask her though about you.

Ai Dihayco said...

Vina, my friend Lei here has teh same problem with your pregnancy sa second baby nya. The placenta matured faster than the baby. So sobrang ingat talaga. Bed rest and more far nanganak naman cya on time.

Chris said...

wow, its so near na!

Vina P said...

hi ai! super small world!!! yes, lei malilong is my classmate from UP Economics! I told you she looked familiar. we're not so close but I consider her a friend. :-) pls. say hi! for me (she may remember me at vina dayo).

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